What Paint To Use When Painting Furniture

People are always asking, “what type of paint should I use to flip furniture?” While some projects require different paints for different purposes, my favorite go-to paints are:

The Plaster Paint Co One Step Paint (for furniture or cabinets!)

This paint is amazing! If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I insist on two steps for every project: Sanding and sealing. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or space to do these steps. Well, this incredible paint does not require either! Can you believe it? I still sand my projects to ensure a really smooth surface, but the paint will adhere without it. While I still add an extra layer of polycrylic on particularly high traffic flips like a dining table, I have skipped sealing on dressers and other items without any issues. Sealing is my least favorite part of any flip (and often leaves streaks on the paint) so this is a GAME-CHANGER, y’all! Use the code MAGGIE to save 5% - that makes 8oz about 24 dollars. This is the ONLY promo code out there for this paint. Take advantage!

Interior Latex Paint

There are a lot of benefits to using interior latex paint (and many people argue this is a terrible decision... I say do what works best for you!). It is readily available to everyone in almost any store (Walmart, The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Ace, Sherwin-Williams, etc.) without having to pay for shipping. There are tons of color options and you can see them in person. Most furniture flips can be completed with sample pots so you don’t end up with lots of leftover paint. Just ask at the paint counter of your local hardware store. This is also the cheapest option at about 4 dollars for an 8oz sample!

Chippy Barn

I will say, this paint can be THICK which I don’t love. However, if you add a smidge of water that may fix the problem! They have amazing customer service and I love supporting small businesses. They have a beautiful color selection and I use the Ultra Tough Top Coat which is scratch resistant and water based for easy clean-up. Use my code MAGGIE to save 10% - that makes 8oz about 17 dollars. 

Chalk Paint

So many people ask me “What about chalk paint?”. If you love chalk paint, go for it! However, it’s just not for me. I don’t like that it is a matte finish, doesn’t go as far as other paints, isn’t readily available, and is often the most expensive of the bunch. If chalk paint is your thing definitely check out B.B. Frösch Paint Transformer Powder which can save you a ton of money. Depending on the size of your project it could cost between 10 and 50 dollars less to use this paint transformer.

 Oh, and don't forget brushes! Zibra is the only brand I use! Use code Maggie10 for 10% off! If you clean them properly, they could last forever.


This article contains affiliate links, but I use and love anything I recommend (and these links/codes often save you money, but will never increase the price).


  • I am also a lover of latex interior paint lol I feel like that is something I shouldn’t tell people lol I am having a hard time keeping my business sustainable I am in Manitoba in a small town. Is that why you started your online store? I love this job and industry I just need to pay the bills all the time lol so any advice is great appreciated I am a mother of 3 and do it’s great to work from home but I also have to keep those mouths fed 😁 thx

  • I’m buying a summer rental home and it has wall to wall dark paneling, ugh! What process do you suggest I use? What do you suggest to use on painting trim?

  • What sprayer do you use? I’m shopping for one and it’s a little overwhelming! I don’t want a crazy expensive one because I’m not flipping tons of furniture like you do but want a decent one that will last! Any input would be appreciated!!!

    Kelly Leake

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