Lost My Marble
Lost My Marble
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Lost My Marble

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Material: PVC waterproof material

Color: White (light marble grey pattern)

Dimensions: 17.7’’ by 393.7’’


  • Beautiful marble patterns that provide soft additions to any furniture or room; the delicately designed marble rains helps give further texture to a room
  • Suitable for both renters and homeowners, intended for use on wall, glass, vinyl, lacquered, drawer, liner, shelf, kitchen counter, furniture, crafts, bedsides tables, bookcases, etc
  • Easily installable with the self adhesive material, simply peel and stick it onto the wall or the furniture 
  • If one volume isn’t enough, multiple volumes can be perfectly stitched without seeing the difference and provide strong coverage 
  • Contains a grid design on the back of the protective paper, making it easy to measure and cut to fit to any furniture or wall
  • Made out of vinyl material that is environmentally friendly and waterproof, making it easy to wipe clean with a cloth 

Installation Steps 

  1. Clean the wall and make sure the furniture or wall is flat before pasting 
  2. Measure out the size needed by using the grid lines provided on the back of the protective paper 
  3. Peel off the needed size of the wall covering paper and stick it to the wall with the layer of self adhesive on the back 
  4. Peel off the back protective film and paste onto the wall paper 
  5. Avoid bubbles by making sure the wallpaper lies flat and stays flat with use
  6. Press the sticker with a dry towel to firm it up.