Large White Plaid
Large White Plaid
Large White Plaid
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Large White Plaid

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Material: PVC waterproof material
Style: White Plaid
Color: White / Grey and Black
Dimensions: 17.72" by 393.70"


This wallpaper is similar to our popular "not so plaid" wallpaper, only with a larger plaid print. Modern and simple, with a bold geometric aesthetic. Great for an accent wall when you want to make an impact!


  • Suitable for both renters and homeowners, intended for use on wall, glass, vinyl, lacquer, drawer fronts and liners, shelves, kitchen counters, furniture, crafts, bedside tables, bookcases, and more
  • Easily installable with adhesive material; simply peel and stick it onto the wall or furniture?
  • Contains a handy grid design on the back of the protective paper, making it easy to measure and cut to fit to any furniture or wall
  • If one roll of wallpaper isn't enough, multiple rolls can be easily matched together to provide flawless coverage
  • Easily removed; will not leave any residue or damage to walls when removed.
  • Made out of waterproof vinyl, making cleaning a snap with just a damp cloth!

Installation Steps

  1. Clean the wall/furniture and make sure the surface is clean and dry before application of the wallpaper
  2. Measure out the desired size by using the grid lines provided on the back of the protective paper?
  3. Apply by starting from one side, peeling off the backing gently, whilst applying the wallpaper to the surface inch by inch (do not remove the backing all at once)
  4. While applying the wallpaper, use a cloth, a squeegee, or a stiff card to remove the air bubbles or bump areas and flatten out the wallpaper. (We've even had luck using the edge of a clean dustpan!)
  5. When applying wallpaper around edges and corners, use a heat gun or hair dryer to slightly soften the wallpaper, which will help it wrap around any edges and corners more precisely.